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Procurement Service

Combining different experiences and methods based on best practices in the area of Procurement and Consulting,
we offer our Clients a range of unique services in Angola


Strategic Sourcing

We maximize the effectiveness of the purchasing function.
We select suppliers and partners in accordance with the reality of the company and its business goals, setting goals to achieve for a given period of time.

Through the methodology BSTB ® – Brimont Sourcing Tool Box, developed based on our experience and best practices of outsourcing, we guarantee advantages on the implementation of a program of Strategic Sourcing assuring the reach of your objectives for productivity and market performance.

The main components of BSTB ® are:

  • Description of current organization and its key processes;
  • Identification of the major categories and their sourcing contracts / qualification aggregation;
  • Qualification / adequacy of major contracts and aggregation processes;
  • Sourcing and procurement benchmarking;
  • Sourcing and procurement transformation consulting;
  • Reduce costs and redirect savings to higher-value products;
  • Categorization of Suppliers (contractor cost / distribution);
  • Ensuring ROI estimate.

Supply Chain Management

At Brimont we have a team with the necessary technical expertise to ensure competitive advantage by aligning operational capabilities with business/commercial strategies and targeting performance across Cost, Service, Quality and Working Capital meeting both strategic and financial goals of your business.

We guarantee the support and assistance to our Clients establishing commitments that guarantee the continuity and evolutionary adaptation of all solutions.

Our team works in close collaboration with Clients for the establishment of processes in a fast and more integrated manner with its partners, both internally and externally, defining management indicators to measure the evolution of your business and streamline the process of decision making.


Responding to the needs of any specification, Brimont offers your Company the possibility to purchase any product with the convenience of a “one stop shop”.

Handling more that 10.000 SKUs (food, chemicals, equipments, etc.) and strong local and international partnerships we guarantee success of your purchasing, even in the most complex scenarios demanding multi-national and multi-entity supply.

We provide integrated transportation and logistics solutions in an end-to-end supply chain, from the place of origin to point of delivery.


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