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HR Solutions

Our HR Solutions process is open and transparent.
It is our job to make work, work.
Development of Local Content assured.

HR Solutions

Current environment requires agile and differentiated approaches to Human Capital.

Based on our extensive research of Angolan market, we understand what it takes to establish and sustain operational excellence.

We view HR as a strategic enabler of business performance management so we apply that perspective as we work with HR functions to define and measure their contributions and raise their capabilities, performance and value.

We can provide the right combination of capabilities, resources, and approach to assist on:

  • Reduce costs;
  • Develop Local Content;
  • Identify and mitigate talent risks;
  • Training;
  • System implementation;
  • Change management.


We meet our clients’ needs in a wide range of industries through our network locally and overseas.

Our consultants are in constant touch with the professionals you are looking for.

We select the candidate that is the best fit for your organization not just from a perspective of meeting the functional requirements of the job, but also in terms of the fit with the organization culture on areas of expertise of Oil&Gas, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics, Hospitality and Construction.

From recruitment of experts for middle and senior management positions to assistants in various areas including: IT; Engineering; Finance and Accounting, our Team has an extensive individual network that is continually being extended.

Your vacancy is in good hands with our specialist consultants, because they are experts in the fields they recruit for.


Temporary and permanent staffing is at the core of our business.

We recruit temporary or permanent employees and make the perfect match.

A key factor that differentiates Brimont from other companies is our unique expertise in the local labor market.

The teams are often dedicated to specialties, specific market segments on which units are focused and become experts in their clients’ businesses, understanding their clients’ needs and the candidate profiles that best meets their needs.

Development of Local Content assured.


At Brimont we believe that ensuring the correct mix of structure, people, performance and technology will result in the optimum balance of an effective and efficient organization.

Our advisors offer the optimum combination of in-depth functional, business transformation and strategic sourcing expertise to guide clients in their business process outsourcing efforts.

By focusing on successfully integrating retained and outsourced functions, we develop a balanced business process outsourcing strategy and ensure that end-to-end processes are integrated and perform at world-class levels.


Getting the best from people at every time (and time changes)!

The need to engage and motivate workforce to focus on the right things and strive for excellence is a constant for business success seekers.

Brimont can help you on:

  • Building a compelling business case for change;
  • Devising a detailed implementation road map;
  • Managing change efficiently and effectively;
  • Measuring progress against relevant metrics.

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