When we talk about Safety and Health at Work, there is a risk that is present in any place: that of fire.

Our concern for the safety of our Employees, Customers, Visitors and our heritage, together with the fulfillment of the legal requirement for training in preventing and fighting fires, was the basis for the constitution of our Company’s Fire Fighting Brigade.

The first 8 Brigadiers, volunteer employees of the Company, were trained and certified by the National Fire Service to identify risks and act in the prevention and fight against fires.

The training action took place at the Company’s logistics facilities, in Viana, between the 4th and 6th of October. The program included: self-protection measures; combustion phenomology; passive fire safety measures; active fire safety measures; and primary fire fighting.

The act of handing over diplomas was another moment of appeal to zeal, dynamism, audacity and humanism, so that lives and goods are always preserved within the scope of our operations.


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