With the entry of the Pandemic in Angola, the first State of Emergency was declared in March 2020 and with this the national obligation of collection and social isolation for all residents in Angolan territory.

This pandemic will certainly intensify the framework of economic uncertainty that we have been experiencing and will certainly compromise the achievement of important national development goals, among others the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations.

BRIMONT’s priority is always: To guarantee the safety of our Customers and Employees.

In this context, we are currently monitoring the global evolution of the SARS-COV2 disease and following the guidelines of the Multisectoral Commission and the Ministry of Health.

One of the obligations imposed by the Ministry of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, through Presidential Decree no. face-to-face, which put many companies in a deficit situation due to several factors, the main one being the conditions attributed to workers to carry out the work.

Aware that the activities in the sector in which we mostly operate – Oil – are essential and critical, we have outlined a solid contingency plan, guaranteeing the total protection of supplies and ensuring the remaining services, which include adequate maintenance of power on the front line, preserving the stability of the supply chain (namely through the establishment of protocols with emergency cargo service companies), guaranteeing remote availability to our Customers and the development and/or expansion of dedicated services to support contingencies.

We currently have the certification of two hotel units in progress to provide our Accommodation services (80 rooms) in the context of Quarantine – BRIMONT Imobiliário.

Hoping that we can all overcome this adversity as quickly as possible, we wish you all health and courage.

We are together.


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