Under the context of a reinforced pandemic, 2021 was full of monumental events with global repercussions.

Every time we looked at the news, we were reminded that our world is now smaller! Something happening on the other side of the world could almost immediately affect significantly our highly importations dependent activities.

One container ship stuck in the Suez Canal for a week caused shipping delays and months lasting production impacts around the world.

Flights cancellations and unforeseen health restrictions limited/cancelled the necessary mobilization of people to attend Projects before considered as unpostponable.

It’s never been clearer that tackling big problems requires people working together across borders and sectors.


Was definitely a challenging year for BRIMONT and we are enormously proud of our achievements and thankful for their contributions to our Clients operations.

Throughout 2021, we have continuously updated our action plans to adjust to the current condition, assuring:


  • Resilient PROCUREMENT SERVICESAll RFQs received have been answered!. All POs received have been attended;
  • Consistent SUPPLIES OF SPECIALTY CHEMICALS and RELATED SERVICES to Oil&Gas Projects (demulsifiers, inhibitors);
  • Timely SUPPLIES OF PPEs;
  • PROVISION OF MANPOWER SERVICES generating 100 new work positions;
  • QUARANTINE SERVICES to 170 Offshore Personnel rotations;
  • CONSULTING to challenging implementation and divestment Projects;
  • Necessary THERAPIES to 53 children and youngsters thru PLANO B, our Educational Development Center in Talatona – Luanda;


These achievements were only possible because of our open collaboration with our stakeholders, which has fostered strong and trusting partnerships with our Clients, Suppliers and the community to who we reiterate our sincere gratitude.

BRIMONT wish you all a prosperous 2022.


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