2022 was a very challenging but productive year for us.
We highlight the main milestones reached: we moved to a new office; we expanded our storage facilities in Luanda and Soyo; we invested in a chemical production plant; we trained 47 new staff; we carried out 1200 hours of training; we implemented a dedicated telephone service line that includes a Complaints and Denouncement Line; we renewed our ISO9001 Certification; we became associates of AECIPA and CCIA; we participate in the main national events of the business activities we dedicate ourselves to; we contribute to improving the living conditions of our workers and people in the communities in which we operate; we honor the explicit commitments with all our Clients, Suppliers, Employees and other Stakeholders.
At the level of detail of the Business Units:
Our Procurement services continued to stand out in the overall balance of activities – both financially and in terms of the diversity of requests: Chemicals; lubricants; Specialty Parts; Individual and Collective Protection Equipment; Miscellaneous Materials and Equipment for Maintenance, Repairs and Operations.
Contrary to initial expectations, the logistical constraints were much more significant than in periods of declared pandemic peak, with a post-COVID19 period revealing the weaknesses that were installed in industries and global logistics. The scarcity of raw materials, rising prices and the low availability of logistical solutions guided the 2022 financial year, heavily conditioning activities. Even so, all the orders we received from our Customers were delivered. No deviations in relation to the requested specifications and without any price increase in relation to what was agreed in the Purchase Orders received.
In terms of Real Estate, we remain focused on our two core activities: Specialized Accommodation Solutions; and Asset Maintenance.
The Human Resources Solutions unit strengthened its position in providing staff to the banking sector and continued its climb in promoting staff with more complex specializations for the Energy sector, in particular Oil and Gas. It also assisted in the logistical needs of more than 200 personnel rotations at the service of Offshore in the oil and gas sector that we carried out during this year (in partnership with the Real Estate business unit), coordinating accommodation, food, transport, travel and logistics in general for our Customers’ staff.
The growing attention to the diversification of the national economy has had a favorable impact on our Consulting activities. This year we carried out several market studies, business plans… but also consultations with foreign companies looking to expand their business to Angola.
Our heart project, Plano B, based in Talatona – Luanda, remains resilient, continuing to support children and young people with special educational needs.
Always available for any additional information about our activities, we are very grateful to all stakeholders interest and, above all, for the cooperation during this year 2022, especially from our Customers, the reason for our existence, for their trust, preference and repeated sense of partnership.
Please continue to count on us as we will continue to count with you.
Wishes for a Prosperous 2023.


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